Guidelines for Organizing Year Groups……across the globe

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Guidelines for Organizing Year Groups……across the globe


We have provided functionalities on to provide the tools for Amanfoo to organize around logical groups especially around respective Year Groups in furtherance of marshaling resources and talent to help the school.  Here are some of the features we want to highlight:

Your Profile

Your profile is similar to Facebook-like profile where you can share, post photos, and connect as friends with other Amanfoo.


There is a social networking feature to enable your group community to connect using profiles, groups, and more.

To create a group for your community (eg. year group), please send a request to, with the name of the group.

An email subscription feature notifies members of a group when other members post content.  The notification is done by email, and is totally configurable.  Each member can choose, for each group, how he or she wants to be notified – (1) No Email; (2) Weekly Digest Summary; (3) Daily Digest Summary; (4) New Topics Email; or (5) All Email.  Members can also determine what kind of group activity that want to be notified about.

Creating Documents In Groups

Document creation feature “adds collaborative work spaces to your community. Part wiki, part document editing,”  Docs provides a robust way for members to collaborate on group content.  Permissions can be set to control edit and view privileges.  Version control is automatically maintained, and members can revert changes, or simply track a document’s evolution.  Documents can be tagged, sorted, and filtered.

Forums for Discussions

There is also a group forum functionality.  It allows members of a group to start forum topics, create discussion threads, tag content, and easily add images and links.

We are inviting year groups to organize on the platform to make it easier to stay in touch for the benefit of a great school.

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