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PEF Update

Since the announcement of the establishment of the Prempeh Endowment Fund (PEF) we have received enthusiastic support from Amanfoo all over the globe as exemplified by the write-up from the class of 80/82 (in this newsletter). Our collaboration with the National Executives has also been very fruitful and enabled the ideals captured in the PEF. We now have over 1700 alumni formally registered at However, we can confidently assume that there is a large proportion of Amanfoo who are not even aware of this initiative. We invite all Amanfoo to spread the word and encourage others to visit the website, register and learn more about PEF.

The establishment of PEF is just the first baby step in the journey towards our ultimate goal of making Prempeh College the premier institution at the secondary level of education not only in Ghana but on the continent of Africa. We are building momentum since the initial announcement but there also remains a lot of work to be done in order to accomplish that goal. We encourage all Amanfuo to donate their time as well as financial resources to support this worthy cause. Visit and make a donation today and also reach out to the Directors ( to volunteer your time.

Reverend Pearson had a dream and initiated the project that binds us today as Amanfoo; now, it is up to us to build upon what he started and take it to the next level as benefactors. If we pull our resources and row magnificently in sync we shall reach that goal sooner. Please donate today!

Retroactive Non-profit Tax-exemption Approval by the US IRS.

We would like to remind Amanfoo that PEF’s 501 (c)(3) status is retroactive to June 18, 2016. Thus, anyone who made a charitable contribution or donation to PEF prior to December 31, 2016 can make a deduction on his or her 2016 tax returns, because of the retroactive approval. If you made a donation to PEF in 2016 but haven’t yet received a receipt for your 2016 tax returns, please send a message via email to

As a reminder, any charitable contributions/donations you make to PEF will be tax-deductible. We encourage every Amanfuo to take advantage of this tax-exempt status and contribute/donate generously to the fund. Please visit and donate today!

Townhall Meetings

We are currently engaging year groups in townhall meetings to take questions and discuss the goals, status and future activities of PEF. In the past month, we engaged the classes of 80/82 and 81/83 in what can only be described as lively and very fruitful discussions. If your year group or local Amanfoo association would like to engage PEF directors in an informal discussion (via either a teleconference, a chatroom or on a platform forum such as Whatsapp) please send  an email to to schedule the event.

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