ONE FUND, ONE MISSION – A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lay a solid foundation

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ONE FUND, ONE MISSION – A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lay a solid foundation


Members of the 80/82 year group have been guided by this maxim from the Good Book, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” We are ever mindful of the debt of gratitude we owe Prempeh College for the invaluable life lessons inculcated in us during our formative years there. Lessons that have shaped and molded us into people we have now become.

We were trained academically and spiritually in an atmosphere which enabled us to form life-long friendships – friendships which have formally coalesced into the 80/82 year Group. Our goals among others is to be each other’s keeper and also to pull our resources together to assist in alleviating some of the numerous infrastructural and logistical problems bedeviling our alma mater.

It’s in the pursuance of the latter goal that our year group in commemoration of our 30th anniversary of admission to Prempeh undertook several activities to benefit our school in 2005. To help address the chronic water shortage on campus we donated eleven poly-tanks (one for each house and the remaining two to the administration). We also organized a formal event to honor the foremost Amanfuor of the day, the-then sitting President of the Republic of Ghana, HE John Agyekum Kufuor and his chief-of-staff, Mr. Kwame Mpianim, also an Amanfuor. We honored outstanding staff with awards. We then held a dinner for all staff and faculty as well as the student body.

We were in the process of purchasing several toilet seats in 2016 for the school when we got word that another year group had already committed to doing the same and were far advanced in their preparation than we were. We therefore gave up on that project to re-think our next step.

It was in the midst of deliberating on what we could do next for our school that we got word about the Prempeh Endowment Fund (PEF). After “meeting” with Senior Kwapong on our WhatsApp platform, he was able to fill us in on the origins of the PEF, its goals and objectives, management structure and the lasting benefit it could serve our alma mater. He was gracious enough to answer our questions and shed light on how the PEF would operate.

Needless to say, the general consensus after the “meeting” was that the PEF is well thought out and deserves our serious attention and consideration. As stakeholders in the future of our alma mater we saw the PEF as providing a long-term solution to the present norm of assisting our school on ad-hoc basis. While not being critical of our past efforts, those efforts can at best be described as haphazard, uncoordinated, duplication of efforts leading to excessive attention to some areas while others were neglected. This band-aid approach was not adequate in seriously tackling the myriad of problems facing our institution. We needed change and a new approach.

The PEF offers us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lay a solid foundation upon which we can erect the edifice of securely-structured, well-coordinated, systematic and reliable source of assistance for our school. The fund which will be professionally managed will bring transparency and accountability to endowment process. It will also tap into a wider network of donors thereby broadening our donor base beyond alumni.

There is no doubt that there might still be a few kinks to work out such as ensuring that resources sent to the school will be used for the assigned purpose, accountability at the implementation level, etc. but we are on board in using the PEF as a vehicle to contribute our quota to Prempeh’s betterment and future development.

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