Amanfoɔ Selection Committee (ASC)

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Amanfoɔ Selection Committee (ASC)


The Amanfoɔ Selection Committee (ASC) is the foundational decision forum for PEF.  This is a broad representative structure of Year Groups to the PEF.  It is analogous to the “parliament” where plans as discussed, prioritized and selected. The ASC structure mimics that of other effective Alumni Foundations in worldwide.

Each Year Group may elect 1-2 ASC representatives who would relay the aspirations and concerns of that year group to the PEF.  A web based electronic voting system would be used to facilitate a global democratic selection process.  Such a system has already been designed and tested by some Amanfoɔ volunteers.

The term of an ASC Member would be three years. A third of the ASC members would be rotated out each three years (like the US Senate) to ensure retention of capacity.  The ASC is expected to convene at least quarterly to deliberate on matters of the Foundation.

The ASC shall be responsible for selecting PEF officers and the Corporation Administrators.

Final plans for the school shall be approved by the ASC and rectified by the directors. Projects expenditure exceeding $10K will need assent by the ASC.

In effect the ASC is at the very heart of the democratic and open system of the PEF.  We expect all Year Groups to have active representations.

A pilot scheme is currently in progress to roll out full functionality of selecting ASC representatives.  It is highly encouraged that Year Groups who are ready to nominate and elect their ASC representatives should contact the PEF directors to initiate the process.

For more information about the operational structure of the ASC, click here.

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