Congratulations! Change is Coming. A Big Thank You to All

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Congratulations! Change is Coming. A Big Thank You to All

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Prempeh Endowment Fund

SEP 14, 2018 —

The Prempeh Endowment Fund (PEF) wants to thank every Amanfoo and non-Amanfoo sympathizers who took the time to sign the petition ( against the Board of Governors for selling the school’s land. Over 500 Amanfoo signed the petition that went directly to the Minister of Education, Dr. Matthew Prempeh among others. That, and several protests from other stakeholders, made our voices heard loudly and clearly on this matter.

We are pleased that the minister has heard our plea and has taken the following decisions:

  1. Ordered a halt to all illegal construction on school lands including the demolition of existing structures
  2. Disbanded the school board which had no authority to approve such sales
  3. Ordered Ghana Education Service (GES) to look into the role of the headmaster in this affair
  4. Ordered the formation of an interim management committee to oversee the school during the transition period

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of Amanfoo coming together and organizing under one true global agenda with the school at the heart of it in order to safeguard and protect the school’s interests and work going forward. The current engagement and participation by Amanfoo in contributing their voices to prevent the sale of school lands should serve as a cautionary note for lack of engagement and apathy with respect to school matters.

In that spirit, we are launching the Alumni Selection Committee (ASC) which we will be the representative body for all alumni globally to help drive a new level of global engagement and representation of every graduating year group. Please go to to register and read more about the ASC. You may also send an e-mail to for information on how to participate in the ASC.

NAPO dissolves Prempeh College Board; halts sale of school lands
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