There is a way to invest in Prempeh College that suits your philanthropic goals and financial circumstances. Donors invest in the sustainability of Prempeh College either through outright gifts, which can be put to work immediately, or with planned or deferred gifts, which mature to benefit the school at a later date. These gifts can be categorized as:
Unrestricted gifts — Among the most common ways to give, unrestricted gifts allow the Fund to allocate funds where the need is greatest or to respond quickly to unique opportunities. Outright gifts to Prempeh College can provide funds for current use or they can expand the school’s endowment.

Restricted gifts — Restricted gifts allow you to designate your gift for use by a specific project, program or purpose. Restricted gifts allow you to direct your investment to an area or challenge that is personally meaningful to you and aligns with the mission of the school.

  1. Donate to the Fund towards a specific project, for example; a library or any infrastructure identified in the 5-year plan.
  2. Become a benefactor by donating a minimum of 20,000 GHS or $5,000 to the fund.  Funds are returned to benefactor after an agreed-upon period of at least one year.
  3. A benefactor can stipulate in their will and bequeath assets to the Fund.
  4. External funds solicited from other private foundations.

You also have the option of creating an endowed fund or designating your gift for current use.

Ways to Give

There are as many reasons to support Prempeh College as there are students. Listed below are the most common ways that you can make a meaningful gift to provide students with the opportunities they need to contribute positively to the world around them and drive tomorrow’s society and economy.

1. Online Donation

Your secure online gift to the fund represents an investment in the school’s success today – and in the future. Funds will be deposited with the Prempeh College Endowment Fund, a separate non-profit organization that exists to advance the goals and ideals of Prempeh College. Gifts may be charged to MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. We thank you for your generous contribution.


2. Gift by Wire Transfers

You may also make a gift by wire transfer to the Prempeh Endowment Fund. To facilitate the transfer, download a wire transfer form and follow the instructions on this link: WIRE TRANSFER FORM

3. Gifts by Checks

To give by check, please print out a gift form and enclose it with your check made payable to the Prempeh Endowment Fund and mail it to:

Prempeh Endowment Fund
1400 Preston Rd.
Suite 400
Plano, TX 75093

4. Gifts in Kind

Donors are welcome to make a “Gift in Kind” donation of property or a tangible item to Prempeh College. This can include tangible personal property such as rare books, works of art, unique collections and other items of value.


5. Ghana Donors

Supporters of Prempeh College in Ghana or donors who would like to contribute in the Ghanaian currency, Cedi, may do so using any one of the following options:

5.1       Wire Transfer / Direct Payment

Prempeh Endowment Fund
A/C No: 0150094504870701
A&C Shopping Mall Branch
Jungle Road, East Legon
PMB GPO –  Accra

 5.2       ECOBANK App

Download the Ecobank Mobile Banking App

5.3       Mobile Money

For each of the above options, it is strongly recommended that you use the Memo/Description field to indicate your House and Year Group.

If you have questions about giving to the Prempeh Endowment Fund in Ghana, please call 0244844171 or email





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