The Fund

The Prempeh Endowment Fund

The main goal of the Prempeh Endowment Fund is to provide supplemental funding to the limited goverment funding going to the school.

The Prempeh Endowment Fund is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization with the sole mission to raise private support for Prempeh College. The endowment also seeks to promote, foster and maintain cultural and educational exchanges between Prempeh and various cultural and academic institutions in the United States. The Prempeh Endowment Fund is a program that provides Prempeh College with annual support in order to bridge the gap between traditional funding sources (tuition and government allocations) and operating expenses, so as to promote the school’s academic vision.

Prempeh College’s current situation can be boiled down into one sentence: Government assistance is dwindling, fees have not kept pace with operational costs and private external support is below par. If these problems go unchecked, the secondary school will deteriorate and its mission of training citizens who work for their country will remain an unfulfilled promise.


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