Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between traditional funding sources and operating expenses, a group of Prempeh College alumni established a universal endowment – The Prempeh Endowment Fund – to work with Prempeh College to provide supplemental support, and managerial / technical support to ensure the success of the goal for which the school was established. The singular goal of the endowment is to ensure sustainability of programs and discipline in planning towards achieving competitive educational outcomes.

The Prempeh College Endowment Fund

The Prempeh College Endowment Fund (referred to as “the Endowment” or “the PEF”) is a universal endowment registered in the state of Texas and enjoys the legal protections of the US
legal system and the risk benefit of funds managed in a stable currency, the US Dollar.

  1. The Prempeh College Endowment Fund, officially registered as The Prempeh
    Endowment Fund (the PEF), is domiciled in the state of Texas, USA
  2. The Fund is a non-profit organization, with a pending 901c tax exempt
    status with the IRS, US tax authorities.
  3. It is also registered in Ghana as an NGO, the Prempeh Endowment Fund (referred to as
    “the Corporation”), a forum that works with the School and stakeholders on behalf of
    the Endowment.

The Purpose of PEF

The singular purpose is to bring a level of discipline to project planning, maintenance, and
sustainability to how the school generates supplemental funds to advance its educational goals;

  1. To create and manage a yearly operating plan an annual 3/5-year plans to achieve the
    educational objectives for which the school was founded
  2. To provide supplemental capital to fund significant investments identified in the plans
  3. To mobilize resources to contribute to an overall plan to advance the educational objectives
    of the school in a sustainable way
  4. To create a network of alumni to serve as a platform for the school to effectively organize
    all alumni and resources

To request a copy of the full governance document, please contact The Directors of the Endowment at or click here to read online


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